(left) Bishop Mario Grech, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi

As spiritual leaders of Catholics in Malta and Gozo, we Bishops wish to make an appeal that during these turbulent times we all seek to work together, with a calm sense of purpose, to promote truth and justice with charity and respect for one another.

We join His Excellency the President of the Republic Dr George Vella, in his appeal for unity. The difficult times we are going through should not exacerbate division. They challenge us to work together in a spirit of collaboration and for the greater good of Maltese society in general, so that our institutions may carry out their duty with due diligence and with impartiality.

As in every society, disagreement is inevitable. However, we are always called to express our legitimate opinions with respect for one another and with respect for the truth, without falling into the trap of hatred, lies and violence. Our appeal is that we, Maltese and Gozitans, seek the common good in a spirit of true loyalty to the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Malta.

The Advent Season reminds us that we are yearning for the coming of the One in whose “days may justice flourish, and peace abound” (Ps 72:7). We pray that our people’s passion for justice, truth and honesty, is expressed with respect towards each other, and with a strong rejection of violence, whether verbal or physical.

We impart our pastoral blessing on our beloved brothers and sisters, and all people of good will.

✠ Charles J. Scicluna                         
Archbishop of Malta                              

✠  Mario Grech
Apostolic Administrator of Gozo

✠  Joseph Galea-Curmi
Auxiliary Bishop of Malta