Communications Office

  • In 2009, the Communications Office of the Archdiocese of Malta was setup according to the document Il-Wiċċ Digitali tal-Mulej, No. 22, to implement a proposal of the Diocesan Synod (Kultura, Soċjetà, Knisja, No. 19).

    The role of this Office is to ensure that, through media organisations and social media networks, the communication channels between the Church in Malta and the community at large are continuously strengthened in the best interest of society.

  • ​Head of Media

    Kevin Papagiorcopulo
    Tel: 21241281

    Communications Officer 

    Catherine Sciberras
    ​Tel: 25906303

    Digital Media Officer

    Nicholas Agius
    Tel: 25906304

    Visual Media Officer

    Ian Noel Pace
    Tel: 25906758

    Administrative Assistant

    Shirlee Zammit Munro
    Tel: 25906307