Directives issued by the Bishops to curb the contagion of the coronavirus

As from 13 June, churches from the Archdiocese of Malta and the Diocese of Gozo have started celebrating again Holy Mass with the presence of the congregation. In consultation with the Health Authorities the Bishops have issued a number of other directives aimed at restraining the spread of the covid-19 during Holy Mass with the presence of the congregation. These directives are being updated according to the changes made in the directives and guidelines issued by the Health Authorities… Read more »

Good, gentle and welcoming

The news that Pope Francis will be visiting Malta in May was welcomed with great joy. The announcement was made on the 10th February, during the solemn pontifical of St Paul’s Shipwreck – a feast that is cherished by us Maltese since the shipwreck of St Paul is considered to be the birth of the Catholic faith in Malta.

Last January, the Pope reflected several times on the passage from the Acts of the Apostles that narrates St Paul’s shipwreck on Malta, and he spoke in particular about the compassionate heart of the Maltese people who welcomed Paul and the other 275 travelling companions… Read more »

One Church, One Journey

The working document of the Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese of Malta entitled ‘One Church, One Journey – A process of ecclesial discernment 2020-2023’ lists four main priorities for the Church: to listen, to welcome, to accompany and to always go forth without fear in spreading the Good News.

This document, inspired by the narrative of the disciples of Emmaus (Lk 24: 13-35), was written after extensive consultation was carried out over the last few months, with several people involved in various work carried out in the Church and in society… Read more »

Priceless value

Cini Institute was founded by a lay woman, Adelaide Cini (1838 – 1885), who started a new missionary movement among the many abandoned girls of her time, and established a conservatory for girls coming from the poor strata of Maltese society and who were most vulnerable. This concrete action also led her to be declared venerable by Pope Pius X on 23 February 1910.

The Church in Malta handed over the premises of this institute to Hospice Malta for the establishment of St Michael Hospice, a modern complex to provide palliative care, which will continue in the same steps initiated by Adelaide Cini in assisting people who are vulnerable and in need… Read more »

Let’s protect our lungs

  • The Amazon, known as the Earth’s lungs as it is one of the largest forests providing oxygen to our planet, has been affected by vast fires. The Amazon is not the only such case. In other countries closer to us, stretches of natural land were affected by large fires during this summer. In Malta, 50 acres of land and 4,600 trees were destroyed as Miżieb woodland was ablaze for two full days in June…

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Close to victims of domestic violence

  • The Church in Malta is currently carrying out works in Dar Ġesù Nazzarenu in Żejtun in order to welcome victims of domestic violence within six months. The shelter, run by Fondazzjoni Sebħ, is estimated at around €500,000.

    The shelter, situated within the nuns’ convent, will welcome 33 persons between mothers and children who experienced domestic violence and took the courageous decision to move on…

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One giant leap for mankind

  • On the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Pope Francis said that with this achievement, mankind fulfilled an extraordinary dream and thus he hopes that the memory of “that great step for humanity” might spark the desire to reach even “greater goals” that will lead to “more dignity for the weak, more justice among peoples, and more future for our common home.”

    Through his words and actions, the Pope has frequently expressed his wish that tangible assistance is provided to those in need: immigrants, the poor, the sick, the elderly, while not forgetting Earth, our common home…

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Open Weekend at the Archbishop’s Curia

  • On the occasion of the feast of St Calcedonius, the Archbishop’s Curia in Floriana will open its doors to the general public on Saturday 20th July (5pm-9pm) and Sunday 21st July (9am-1pm). The public is invited to visit the Curia premises, previously known as Casa Manresa, and the restoration works currently in progress.

    During these two days, guided tours will be organised on the hour, concerts will be held in the central courtyard, and two exhibitions with 16th century documents from the Diocesan Archives and paintings by the artist Joseph Calleja will be on display…

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Malta hosts a European meeting on media

  • Between the 17th and 19th June, the Church in Malta hosted the annual meeting of media officials and spokespersons of the European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE).

    This meeting, which was held at the Archbishop’s Curia, brought together 53 participants from 27 European countries and the Holy See, to discuss important issues related to communication and media. The delegation was led by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, President of the CCEE…

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No to hatred

  • “People of colour who are with us are not guests, they are part of us.”

    Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna made this statement during an open dialogue on peace and racial hatred held at the University of Malta after the cold-blooded killing of Lassana Cisse Souleymane in Ħal Far. The Archbishop said that Lassana Cisse’s murder is a wake-up call for faith leaders but also for every citizen…

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