Chapter of the Metropolitan Cathedral

The Cathedral Chapter, according to tradition, was founded by the Normans when they occupied the Island of Malta.

When the Knights of St. John left Malta, the Conventual Church was entrusted to the Cathedral Chapter with the specific duty to officiate at the Co-Cathedral. Today the Chapter is divided in two sections one officiating at St Paul’s Cathedral at Mdina and the other officiating at St John’s Co-Cathedral at Valletta.

Thirty Monsignors is the full number of the Metropolitan Chapter. Their duty is to organize all the Liturgical Solemnities during the year at the Cathedral and at the Co-Cathedral. They also perform other pastoral duties assigned to them by His Grace the Archbishop of Malta, as prescribed by Law of the Church (Can. 503).

The President of the Cathedral Chapter is Mgr. Louis Camilleri, the Chancellor is Mgr. Tarcisio Delicata and the Treasurer is Mgr. Joe Bugeja.


The Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral


2145 4136 (Mdina)

21225639 (Valletta)

Active Monsignors

H.L. Mgr Joseph Galea Curmi, S.Th.D., Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General (14-08-2015)

Archdeacon:  Mgr. Philip Calleja, P.E.P., A.M., M.O.M., O.M.J., Cap. S.S. (13-01-1980)

Precentor: Mgr. Profs. Vincent Borg, D.D., H.E.D., Arch. Chr. L., Prel ad Hon. S.S. (13-01-1980)

Archpriest: Mgr. Mario Tong (08-10-2021)

Mgr. Alwiġ Deguara, S.Th.D., M. Ph., Cap S.S. (18-01-1987)

Mgr. Victor Grech, B.A., Lic.D., M.O.M., Prel ad Hon. S.S. (16-09-1990)

Mgr. Lawrence Cachia, Lic.D., M.O.M., Cap S.S. (16-07-1994)

Mgr. Alfred Xuereb (14-03-1998)

Mgr. Vincent Deguara (26-07-2003)

Mgr. Joseph Carabott (26-07-2003)

Mgr. Joseph Mifsud Bonnici, B.A., Lic.D. (26-07-2003)

Mgr. Anton Vella, BA., Lic.D., Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit. (3-12-2005)

Mgr. Tarcisio Delicata (11-02-2007)

Mgr. Joseph Bugeja, B.A.,  Lic.D.   (11-02-2007)

Mgr. Louis Camilleri, B.A., Lic. D.  (11-02-2007)

Mgr. Salvinu Micallef, B.A, Lic.D. (11-02-2007)

Mgr. Carmelo Farrugia (11-02-2007)

Mgr. Anton Gouder, M.S.Th., MA Matr.C.L. & Juris. (31-03-2009)

Mgr. Lawrence Gatt B.A.Hons., Lic.D., J.C.D., Cap. S.S., M.O.M. (29-11-2009)

Mgr. Anton Cassar (21-09-2014)

Mgr. Profs. George Grima, B.A., Lic.D., M.A. (23-01-2016)

Mgr. Joseph Bajada, S.Th.B., S.Th.M., J.C.D., Cap. S.S. (23-01-2016)

Mgr. Victor Zammit McKeon, Cap. S.S. (28-06-2016)

Mgr. Charles Cordina, Cap. S.S. (25-07-2017)

Mgr. Frans Abdilla, (09-11-2017)

Mgr. Joseph Brincat (28-01-2018)

Mgr. Profs. Hector Scerri, B.A., S,Th.L., S.Th.D. (27-12-2018)

Mgr. Alfred Vella, S.Th.L. (08-03-2019)

Mgr. Kalċidon Vassallo (03-05-2020) 

Mgr. Paul C. Vella, S.Th.L., J.C.L., Cap.S.S., (24-08-2021)

Monsignor Coadjutors

Mgr. Carmel Attard (23-01-2016)

Mgr. Joseph Farrugia (28-01-2018)

Mgr. Emmanuel Agius, M.A., S.Th.D. (28-01-2018)

Mgr. Edgar Vella, Ph.D., S.Th.L. (28-01-2018)

Mgr. Dione Cutajar (14-08-2019)

Mgr. Vincent Cachia (14-08-2019)

Mgr. Richard Borg, B.A., Lic.D., (14-08-2019)

Mgr. Alfred Camilleri, B.A., Lic.D., (14-08-2019)

Mgr. Lawrence Zammit (14-08-2019)

Mgr. Valentino Borg M.S.Th., (14-08-2019)

Honorary Monsignors

Mgr. Norrie Bonavia, B.A., Lic.D.,

Mgr.Joseph Borg (Qormi)

Mgr. Joseph Bartolo

Mgr. Lino Grech, S.Th.Dip., J.C.L., Cap. S.S.,

Mgr. Carmelo Camilleri S.Th.Dip.,

Mgr. Carmelo Mercieca S.Th.B.,

Mgr. Mario Camilleri, M.S.Th., Cap. S.S.,