Pastoral Visit begins in Msida

Nhar il-Ħadd 10 ta’ Novembru ngħatat bidu tal-Viżta Pastorali fil-Parroċċa tal-Imsida mill-Isqof Awżiljarju Joseph Galea-Curmi. Dakinhar 22 adolexxent irċivew is-Sagrament tal-Griżma ta-Isqof u wara l-Isqof iltaqa’ ma’ dawk preżenti.

Messaġġ tal-okkażjoni mill-Isqof Awżiljarju Mons. Joseph Galea-Curmi

Għeżież membri tal-parroċċa tal-Imsida, huwa ta’ ferħkbir għalija li f’dawn il-jiem se niġi għall-Viżta Pastorali f’din il-parroċċagħażiża.

Il-parroċċa tagħkom, taħt il-ħarsien ta’ San Ġużepp, hijaparroċċa li sentejn ilu ċċelebrat il-150 sena parroċċa… Read more »

Pope at Angelus: We are called to prepare for Eternal life with our choices

Before the recitation of the Marian prayer, Pope Francis focuses his attention on Sunday’s Gospel reading in which Jesus is provoked by a question by the Sadducees and in turn offers a wonderful teaching on the resurrection of the dead.

The Pope remarked that the Lord does not fall into the trap set by the Sadducees who ask him when a woman dies who has been married to 7 brothers, one after the another, whose wife will she be? … Read more »

Breathing with two lungs – the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Thefall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November 1989 was one of the mostimportant events in European history in the last decades. It was a moment fullof emotion. After having been separated by a concrete wall for more than 28years, people – relatives, friends and neighbours – living in the same citywere able to meet each other, to celebrate and to express their joy and hopes.From this moment on, the world looked different… Read more »

The importance of sound planning in Malta – Environment Commission

Every year, the InterdiocesanEnvironment Commission (KA) issues a statement on this day to highlightthe importance of sound planning for Malta, one of the most densely populatedcountries in the world. For such a small country, a planning process whichis not hijacked by vested interests is of paramount importance, if the country is to pursue the route to sustainabledevelopment for the benefit of both current and future generations… Read more »

Ecology Week organised by the Faculty of Theology and the Carmelite Institute Malta

The Faculty ofTheology, in collaboration with the Carmelite Institute Malta, is holdingEcology Week between 13 and 17 December 2019. The guest scholar for thisevent is Rev. Dr Eduardo Agosta Scarel, an ArgentinianCarmelite who holds a doctorate in Climate Science and lectures at thePontifical Catholic University of Argentina in Buenos Aires. 

OnSaturday 14 December 2019, DrAgosta Scarel willlead a day-seminar at the Carmelite Institute, Mdina, entitled ‘Onewith Nature, One with God: A Christian Ecological Spirituality‘. Hewill offer elements for a spirituality of ecology based on categories ofinterpretation of the reality of the current ecological, socio-environmentalcrisis described in the encyclical Laudato Si’ of PopeFrancis… Read more »

Another project by the Interdiocesan Environment Commission to promote integral ecology

The Interdiocesan Environment Commission has teamed uponce again with the Maltese OFM Province of St Paul the Apostle and the Centrefor Environmental Education and Research of the University of Malta in theorganization of another course inspired by the spirit of Pope Francis’Encyclical Laudato Si’.

The course ‘Mimicking Natural Ecosystems – Growing FoodSustainably’ was meant to be yet another tool in the rediscovery of a betterquality of life through simple and archaic processes such as agriculture… Read more »

The Pope and mission: “Without Jesus we can do nothing”

At the end of the Extraordinary Missionary Month, we are providing a few extracts from the book-length interview of Gianni Valente from Fides News Agency with Pope Francis, in which the Pope emphasizes that “Either the Church evangelizes or she is not Church”. The book, published by Libreria Edictrice Vaticana and Edizioni San Paolo will be available in bookstores as of November 5th.

“The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus”… Read more »

Watch: The launch of the Archbishop’s book ‘Religion and the 1921 Malta Constitution, Genesis and Implications’

On Thursday 31st October 2019, a new publication by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna entitled Religion and the 1921 Malta Constitution, Genesis and Implications was launched. 

In this book, theArchbishop researches the origin and subsequent discussions held at thebeginning of the 20th century in order for the Catholic religionto be integrated in Maltese law. The book documents the discussions held, thereports that were drawn up and the personalities who were involved in one wayor another during the first two decades of the 20th century.The Archbishop also gives his analysis on the developments that had takenplace… Read more »

Training for pastoral operators

Is-Segretarjat Parroċċi flimkien mal-Istitut ta’ Formazzjoni Pastorali qed jorganizza taħriġ għall-Operaturi Pastorali dwar is-suġġett: Dixxerniment Komunitarju u Pjanar Pastorali.


Matul dawn il-ġimgħat, bosta parroċċijkunu qed ifasslu l-pjan pastorali tagħhom. Filwaqt li l-ħidma kollhatal-Knisja għandha l-istess għan, kull parroċċa jista’ jkollha modi u mezzidifferenti ta’ kif tilħqu.

Il-Pjan Pastorali għandu jkun frott ta’ dixxerniment komunitarju. Għalhekk, dan it-taħriġ ser jipprovdi tagħrif dwar dan il-proċess ta’ dixxerniment, kif ukoll dwar kif isir pjan pastorali… Read more »