Bishops’ Statements

Statement by the Maltese Episcopal Conference on the appointment of a new Prime Minister

The Bishops of Malta and Gozo express their best wishes and blessings to the new Prime Minister of Malta, The Honourable Dr Robert Abela. They would also like to reiterate their commitment that the various initiatives and cooperation between Church and State, continue in a spirit of respect for reciprocal autonomy and mutual collaboration for the common good.

Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna, Bishop Mario Grech and Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi appeal to all Christians in our country to pray for these intentions… Read more »

Statement by the Maltese Episcopal Conference on the announcement of the death of Cardinal Prospero Grech OSA

His Eminence Cardinal Prospero Grech OSA

L-Isqfijiet ta’ Malta u Għawdex isellmu l-memorja tal-Kardinal Prospero Grech – reliġjuż
għaref u dħuli, b’sens kbir ta’ umoriżmu u ta’ umanità.

L-Arċisqof Charles J. Scicluna, l-Isqof Mario Grech u l-Isqof Joseph Galea-Curmi
jwasslu l-kondoljanzi tagħhom lill-qraba tal-Kardinal Prospero u lill-familja reliġjuża Agostinjana kollha, filwaqt li jħeġġu lill-Insara kollha joffru talb ta’ suffraġju għal ruħu… Read more »

Commitment towards Unity, Truth and Justice

(left) Bishop Mario Grech, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi

As spiritual leaders of Catholics in Malta and Gozo, we Bishops wish to make an appeal that during these turbulent times we all seek to work together, with a calm sense of purpose, to promote truth and justice with charity and respect for one another.

We join His Excellency the President of the Republic Dr George Vella, in his appeal for unity… Read more »

Statement by the Maltese Bishops on the rescue and relocation of migrants

  • The Bishops of Malta and Gozo express their appreciation to the Government of Malta, the European Commission and the eight European countries, for the solidarity finally shown with the 49 migrants, most of which were stranded at sea for 18 days onboard two NGO rescue vessels. We are also grateful to all the organisations that have promoted concrete solidarity with the people involved…

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Maltese Bishops’ appeal to European Bishops to help save migrants stranded at sea

  • Fr Olivier Poquillon OP
    Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE)
    Square de Meeûs, 19/1
    B-1050 Brussels

    3rd January 2019

    Dear Fr Poquillon,

    We, the Bishops of Malta and Gozo, are writing to express our deep concern and to ask for the support of our brother bishops in Europe, with regards to the situation involving 49 migrants stranded for days in the Mediterranean Sea…

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Statement by the Maltese Bishops on the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean

  • The Bishops show appreciation for the rescue missions carried out by the Armed Forces of Malta during the past hours, and appeal for a spirit of solidarity by all European countries so that the persons who are still stranded at sea are given a port of safety.

    ✠ Charles J. Scicluna                                                        ✠ Mario Grech

        Archbishop of Malta                                                         Bishop of Gozo


    ✠ Joseph Galea‑Curmi

        Auxiliary Bishop of Malta


  • Click here to read the Bishops’ previous statement appealing for concrete solidarity…
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An appeal for concrete solidarity

  • During these festive days when it is easy for us to be alienated, we are duty-bound to reiterate the appeal we made this past June for the leaders of our nation, together with those of the European Union, to offer concrete solutions to the phenomenon of immigration in the Mediterranean Sea.

    The developments of these last few days concerning those persons who were on board the vessel Open Arms and those presently on board the vessel Sea Watch 3, offer an invitation to Malta and European countries to express solidarity in a concrete manner…

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Statement by the Maltese Bishops regarding the ship Lifeline

  • We the Bishops have followed the diplomatic activity that was successfully carried out by the Government in order to find a solution for the 234 immigrants that were stranded on the ship Lifeline.

    We appreciate the decision of the Government to grant permission to this vessel to enter Malta. We do acknowledge that this was not an easy feat but it was necessary to ensure that every life on board is saved…

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Statement by the Maltese Bishops regarding the ship Aquarius

  • We have been following the immigration phenomenon which is unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea for years. This phenomenon highlights the desperate situation of people who are forced to flee their country because of war or hunger. On the other hand, this phenomenon also brings to our attention the suffering, the concerns, and the sacrifices of the people of host countries that offer refuge to these migrants…

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Statement by the Maltese Bishops on the Bill that amends the Embryo Protection Act

  • We Maltese treasure our children and life from the beginning of conception. This is a very positive attitude that we want to encourage in no uncertain terms. For this reason we express our profound appreciation to those who strive to give their timely and proper assistance to infertile couples in their desire to have children.

    In this context, it is with great sadness that we read the proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act…

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