The Archdiocese of Malta more than doubled its donations to individuals and increased subsidies to entities by 20% in 2022, despite recording a deficit of €8.8 million mainly due to losses on its investments attributable to a negative global economic landscape.

Speaking at a press conference to present the annual accounts of the Church in Malta, Administrative Secretary Michael Pace Ross explained that the impact of the war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, and inflationary pressures had adversely affected the income of the Archdiocese, which encompasses more than 100 entities and employs 1,300 staff members.

Mr Pace Ross said that even in the midst of a challenging financial environment, the Church has been making every effort to help a rising number of people seeking its assistance due to cost-of-living pressures, especially when it comes to food and basic necessities. Moreover, the Archdiocese continued to provide significant support to various entities through financial and other means.

Expenditure for the Archdiocese increased by €7.3 million in comparison to the previous year. More than €1.2 million were distributed among vulnerable groups, while €3.4 million were required for the maintenance, restoration, and conservation of ecclesiastical property and patrimony. Furthermore, the Archdiocese paid €2.5 million in taxes.

“On a more positive note, parish collections and donations have increased by 17% to €1.6 million – in comparison to the previous year when churches and related activities were forced to scale down during COVID-19. However, this important stream of revenue has still not returned to pre-pandemic levels,” Mr Pace Ross said.

The Administrative Secretary highlighted various Church initiatives aimed at continuing its mission and supporting those most in need. Among these initiatives were the establishment of the Foundation for Affordable Housing, the distribution of food by parishes to individuals in need, as well as work with children and adolescents, survivors of domestic violence and other forms of abuse, migrants, and those seeking rehabilitation from substance abuse and other vices.

On behalf of the Bishops of Malta, Mr Pace Ross expressed gratitude to employees, volunteers, and all the Maltese for their support, enabling the Church to sustain its work even in these challenging times. He also appealed for donations at

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