In preparation for the Papal visit, a National Pilgrimage will be held next Friday, 9th April, under the auspices of the two Dioceses of Malta and Gozo.  The pilgrimage will commence at the Mount St Joseph Retreat House, Targa Gap at 6.15pm and end with a short ceremony in the square opposite the Sanctuary known as San Pawl tal-Ħġejjeġ in St. Paul’s Bay.  During the ceremony, a bonfire will be lit; the passage from the Acts of the Apostles which speaks of St. Paul’s Shipwreck will be read; a renewal of baptismal vows will take place as a proclamation of the faith which was handed down to us by the Apostle Paul.  Archbishop Paul Cremona and Bishop Mario Grech will also address the congregation.  It is estimated that the journey from Targa Gap to St Paul’s Bay will be of one-hour duration and the whole activity will finish at around 8.30 pm.

Mr Joseph Farrugia, the coordinator for pastoral activities in connection with the Papal visit, wishes to encourage people to attend this pilgrimage, which will serve as a means of giving witness to the faith, which our forefathers embraced 1950 years ago when St. Paul came to our islands and announced the Good News of the Kingdom.


6.15pm – Departure from Targa Gap, Mosta, from next to the Mount St. Joseph Retreat House.

7.30pm – The pilgrimage arrives at St. Paul’s Bay in the square opposite the Sanctuary known as San Pawl tal-Ħġejjeġ.

  • The hymn originally composed for the Centenary of St. Paul will be sung by the choir Sine Macula.
  • Lighting of a bonfire by the Mayor of the St. Paul’s Bay Local Council, Ms Graziella Galea.
  • Reading from the Acts of the Apostles – the Shipwreck of St. Paul.
  • An address by His Excellency Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo.
  • The Sine Macula Choir will sing the Antiphon of St. Paul.
  • Renewal of baptismal vows by the congregation as a witness to the faith which was handed down to us by St. Paul.
  • Blessing of the congregation with holy water.
  • An address by His Excellency Paul Cremona OP, Archbishop of Malta.
  • Prayer to St. Paul which was written in preparation for the papal visit.
  • Pastoral blessing.
  • National anthem will be sung.

The ceremony will end at around 8.30pm.

For more information on the Pope’s visit to Malta, visit www.popemalta.org