Today, Sunday, 5th December 2021, Life Network Foundation will be organising its March For Life in Valletta. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness on the importance of promoting and protecting human life from conception in Malta.

Through this event, Life Network Foundation will be the voice of the vulnerable in society, especially the voice of the child in the womb. In the context of the prevailing environment, the foundation appeals to the highest authorities to be loyal defenders of every human life in Malta and overseas.

Through our presence at this event, Life Network will be a sign of encouragement for each other to continue working tirelessly to render Malta a sanctuary of human life. Since time immemorial, Malta has been a haven for the protection of human life from conception. It is both an honour and a privilege for the Maltese to promote this principle in Europe, where the right to life is being eroded. This is true equality.

In Malta, we treasure and care for all babies, including those born with a disability. This is a value of which we ought to be truly proud. The Foundation asks that every effort be made to help pregnant women, during and after pregnancy, particularly in situations of vulnerability.

The Foundation offers support and practical assistance to women in an unplanned pregnancy, in all they may need. Assistance is also offered to women in the case of a negative prenatal diagnosis and to those who seek help to heal from the trauma of abortion.

The public is invited and urged to attend this walk that will start at Castille Place at 3pm. There will be a short programme in Great Siege Square, (opposite the Law Courts), which includes music, a testimony, short speeches and also a beautiful surprise.