The Ministry for Education and Employment today announced that in State Schools, educators will be returning on the 28th of September and compulsory school-aged students, that is students attending primary and secondary schools, will return from the 7th till the 14th October. The Secretariat for Catholic Education also received a request from the Malta Union of Teachers to follow the same direction.

Therefore, it has been decided that educators working in Church Schools are to return at their respective school on the dates previously established by each school. Until students return to school, educators are to familiarise themselves with the protocols to be adopted and continue with their preparation and training for the scholastic year. The management of each school will give instructions regarding these days and will devise a plan on how students will be returning to school between the 7th and the 14th October. Online teaching and learning is not permitted up to the 6th October. This is in conformity with the direction issued by the Ministry for Education and Employment and the MUT.

The Secretariat for Catholic Education regrets the inconvenience caused during this challenging time. It hopes that this decision which is being taken to ensure the health and safety of those involved, will be of benefit to all.