The Regulations for Admissions in Church Schools in Gozo have been published, and applications for ‘Other Applicants’ in Church Schools in Malta will start being accepted, for the scholastic year commencing in September 2021.

The number of places available for ‘Other Applicants’ in Church Schools in Malta is 835. Applications for these vacant places are being accepted online from 29th January until 12th February. Applications will be accepted at More information may be obtained by calling on 7999 0224, 7951 5491 or 7786 5241 or by email on [email protected]. Late applications will be accepted on the same website from 22nd February until 1st March.

The Admission Regulations for Church Schools in Malta were published last November and since then first criteria applications have been accepted. First criteria applicants include children from Church homes, children of Church school employees, siblings of students in Church schools and students in Church schools without continuity. The number of applications from the first criteria who will occupy a place is 786. Therefore, for the scholastic year 2021-2022, out of a total of 1,621 vacant places, 835 places are now available for ‘Other Applicants’ (refer to the table on page 2).

The Church Schools admission process determines admission at first year and second year kindergarten, first year primary and first year secondary. This year there are also vacant places for girls in fourth year primary. The list of required documents, application dates and other information is provided in the Regulations for Admissions into Church Schools available on

Admissions in Church Schools in Gozo will be year one kindergarten and Form 1 Secondary. The total number of places being offered in year one kindergarten is 108, while 144 places are being offered in Form 1 secondary. Applications will be accepted online at Criteria one applications will be accepted  from the 5th to the 15th February and criteria two applications will be accepted from the 1st to the 8th March. More information my be obtained by calling on 7999 0271 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Table: Vacant places for ‘Other Applicants’ in Church Schools in Malta

Year Vacant Places
for Boys
Vacant Places
for Girls
Total Vacant Places
First Year Kindergarten 17 25 42
Second Year Kindergarten 86 246 332
First Year Primary 165 122 287
Fourth Year Primary 22 22
First Year Secondary 113 39 152
TOTAL 381 454 835