• Hundreds of boys and girls, members of Catholic Action Rome joined Pope Francis for the Angelus on Sunday. The children were taking part in an intiative called “Caravan of Peace,” processing to St Peter’s Square to bear witness to thir desire for peace. 

    Greetings for Pilgrims

    After the recitation of the Marian prayer, and following appeals for Afghanistan and for those suffering from leprosy, the Pope welcomed visitors from around the world, with particular greetings for pilgrims from Spain, Slovenia, and Italy. 

    The youth of Catholic Action

    He then turned his attention to the young people of Catholic Action. On hearing their applause, the Pope quipped, “I hope that you not only know how to make a lot of noise, but that you also do good works!” – to which two representatives responded by addressing the Holy Father and the crowd telling of their enthusiasm to join him by shouting out, “Our desire is for Peace!” They explained that the theme used in the last year for their activities has been the world of photography, and their slogan: “ready to click”. Through the leaders of this movement, they explained how they have been learning the importance of an image “which is never neutral [but which] always brings with it a message, which can become specifically a message of peace.”

    A Collection of Solidarity

    It then became clear that their works are truly as great as the noise that they make as they described “a collection of solidarity” destined to reach “children and young people like us who suffer doubly, on account of disability and of wars.” The collection is destined for children suffering disability in Iraq. On the conclusion of their presentation, Pope Francis asked those present to lift up their prayers for peace as the two children near him released balloons into the air.

    Source: Vatican News