On the eve of the third anniversary of the death of Mgr Arthur Said Pullicino, a portrait by artist Manuel Farrugia was unveiled at the Metropolitan Tribunal in Valletta by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi, in the presence of tribunal workers and his relatives. Mgr Said Pullicino served as Judicial Vicar of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Malta for 38 years.

In his opening address, Mgr Joseph Bajada, the Judicial Vicar of the Regional Tribunal of Second Instance, and long-time friend and collaborator, recalled Mgr Said Pullicino’s refreshing forthrightness and dedication to the pursuit of the truth. At the end of his speech, Mgr Bajada thanked Chancellor Alessandra Dee Crespo, for the idea and her work to make this happen.

Fr Brendan Gatt, the Judicial Vicar of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, mentioned that during last year’s Judicial Year of the Ecclesiastical Tribunals, he said that “we stand on the shoulders of giants”. He also acknowledged that it is the work done in the past that paved the way for the Tribunals to be what they are today and that Mgr Said Pullicino was one of the ‘giants’ who worked with such fervour for this purpose.

The Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi added, “Today we are cherishing the work done by Mgr Said Pullicino that has left us with so much wealth. We have the opportunity today, through this event to show our appreciation for a man who, with his service here, offered so much throughout his life with great dedication and competence. May this painting be a remembrance of this, especially in the spirit of fidelity to the Church, which is so necessary today.”

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