Il-wirja Bibles and Liturgical Books from Christian Churches in Malta: An Ecumenical Confluence fetħet nhar it-23 ta’ Jannar fil-Palazz tal-Arċisqof, il-Belt Valletta u kienet parti mill-Ġimgħa ta’ Talb għall-Għaqda Fost l-Insara. L-Isqfijiet żaru l-wirja u l-Isqof Awżiljajru Joseph Galea-Curmi kien wieħed mill-kelliema ewlenin.

Il‑wirja kienet tinkludi testi divini mill‑Knisja Kattolika Rumana, il‑Knisja Anglikana, il‑Knisja tal‑Iskozja, il‑Knisja Ortodossa Koptika, il‑Knisja Kattolika Griega, il‑Patrijarkat Ekumeniku ta’ Kostantinopli, il‑Knisja Luterana, il‑Knisja Ortodossa Rumena, il‑Knisja Ortodossa Russa u l‑Knisja Ortodossa Serba. Dawn kienu jinkludu bibbji, salterji, brevjarji u kotba reliġjużi oħra mis‑seklu 13 sas‑seklu 20.

Il‑wirja kienet organizzata mill-Arċidjoċesi ta’ Malta, il-Kummissjoni Ekumenika, Christians Together in Malta u l-Curatorial Studio.

Message by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi

Welcome to this exhibition, which is an expression of ‘Christians Together in Malta’. When you see the different bibles and liturgical books, you realise that they take us to the source of our Christian life and help us to appreciate this ‘being together’, which is so important.

I would like to thank the ‘Christians Together in Malta’ for all they have been doing over the years, but especially this year, when they have prepared the texts for prayer and reflection worldwide. We know that even Pope Francis is presently reflecting on that special passage from Acts – yesterday he spoke about it during the General Audience. It is very striking when you see different reflections all over the world about this theme: “They showed us unusual kindness”. It is a challenge for all Christians and it is a special challenge for us in Malta.

Three of the exhibition speakers: (left) Fr Hector Scerri, President of the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission; Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi and Pastor Dagmar Balser from the Lutheran Evangelical Church

So I think that what ‘Christians Together’ are doing through different initiatives, especially the Ecumenical Service tomorrow but even today’s event, and all the work that has been done, helps us to understand the challenge we have when we read: “They showed us unusual kindness”. And it helps us to transform that ‘unusual kindness’ into something which is ‘usual’, normal, for us.

We need this kindness and this theology of kindness. We need to foster kindness by being together, by praying together, by working together and giving witness in our society. Especially in Malta, we need this witness. What the ‘Christians Together’ are doing here in Malta is very important as a witness because we live in a society which is divided and which does not have, at times, kindness in words, in actions, in attitudes. So we need this witness. We should all appreciate what we are doing because we are trying to live what Jesus prayed in John 17, that insistent prayer “That all may be one”. That is what we are trying to live – by being together, by working together, by praying together, by organising such events together.

I thank you all and may we always work to foster and strengthen this spirit among us and give an authentic witness in our society today.

Joseph Galea Curmi
Auxiliary Bishop

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