For 2024, the Bishops of Malta and Gozo are proposing that as a country, and as Christians, we ought to reflect on the five gifts of God that Dun Karm Psaila, the national poet, reminds us of in Malta’s national anthem: sound judgement, mercy, health, unity and peace. This reflection is particularly significant as this year, Malta celebrates 60 years of independence and 50 years as a republic.

Dun Karm prays for five gifts in Malta’s National Anthem. He prayed for sound judgement, mercy, health, unity, and peace.

In my fourth Lenten reflection, I wish to reflect on the gift of unity. Unity is the harmony between us; it results from our mutual respect and decision to work together and pull the same rope. Unity is the health of each one of us. Today, we pray for the gift of unity within the family, in our parishes, and within the Holy Church. Also, for unity in our State which is celebrating 60 years of independence and 50 years as a republic this year.

Let us pray that we work towards unity, even when we disagree over certain matters which we possibly consider as very important but in actual fact are not so crucial. Disagreeing over details, disagreeing between us, is a sign of diversity, of different perspectives, of a different way of thinking. However, this does not mean that we should hate each other or fight against each other. Let us agree that we do not agree over certain matters but are going to work together, nonetheless. Unity is a beautiful gift for which we should pray for all societies to have: in our couples, in our family, at the place of work, and even in our society.

✠ Charles Jude Scicluna
    Archbishop of Malta