Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna met mothers who are currently residing at ‘Dar Tgħanniqa ta’ Omm’ in Mosta. The home provides support to women and young mothers who, despite encountering difficulties, choose to safeguard the life of their child. This residence is run by the Life Network Foundation and offers refuge to pregnant women for up to one year after the birth of their child. Following this phase, these women and their children are accompanied until they establish themselves once again in society.

During his visit, Archbishop Scicluna praised the work of this foundation that is helping women and their newborns and infants. He recalled how Pope Francis encourages  us to be witnesses of the Lord’s teachings through the work carried out with those who are in need. The Archbishop called on society to safeguard the right to life and to offer a network of solidarity to those mothers who are going through difficult situations.

Ms Christie Zammit, administrator of the residence, said that in 2020 Dar Tgħanniqa ta’ Omm helped 30 mothers who experienced  unplanned pregnancies. She continued to explain that  throughout the first six months of 2021, the home already helped more women than it did last year. Ms Zammit informed Archbishop Scicluna on the way the residence works and outlined the various services that the foundation provides, including the 24-hour online chat service, phone lines and counselling support services. She explained that the foundation also offers food, milk and nappies to families in need, both during and after the birth of the child. Ms Zammit encouraged women facing crisis pregnancies to seek assistance by calling on 20330023.

Dr Miriam Sciberras, Chairperson of the foundation, outlined the vision and work carried out by Life Network, as well as their awareness campaigns that are aimed at keeping the public informed on the importance of cherishing life.

Those who wish to help the Life Network Foundation to continue its work with mothers who are experiencing difficult situations may call on 77115433 or contact them through their Facebook page  Life Network Foundation Malta