A project entitled Zwieg B’Sahhtu was launched by Cana Movement in October 2008, the aim of which is to create greater awareness among the general public on the necessity for strengthening marriage and the family, through the presentation of different topics and aspects of family life.

The fourth cycle of the project is being launched this week and it has been decided that rather than focus upon individual topics, this year, the project will offer a more holistic approach which will present an overall vision of Christian marriage.  All the sessions, which will include time for questions/comments from the floor, will be aired live or recorded and transmitted on Radju Marija. The full programme runs as follows:

Ms Mariella Chetcuti An introduction to Christian Anthropology 2nd November 2011
Ms Rose Falzon Psychological Intimacy of the married couple 11th January 2012
Mr Leslie and Mrs Charmaine Caruana Marital Spirituality 14th March 2012
Dr Anna Vella Sexual Intimacy in marriage 25th April 2012

These talks which are aimed particularly as a means of on-going formation for the leading couples of the Cana Marriage Preparation Course, will deal with different aspects which all contribute towards the building and strengthening of healthy marriages/families. Throughout, a particular emphasis is to be placed upon sacramental marriage. All the topics are being offered over a two-year period at a more profound level as Seminars/Courses by the Institute of Pastoral Formation.

The first session will be held on 2nd November 2011. It is an important introduction to the series and serves to place the human being, marriage and the family in the context of God’s plan for mankind. The speaker, Ms Mariella Chetcuti, a teacher of Religion and lecturer at the Institute of Pastoral Formation, will present a reflection upon man in the light of God’s revelation, with particular reference to how we understand the human body as a ‘theology’ and the place of Christian spouses in the plan of God for humanity.

The general public is cordially invited to attend this talk which will be held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana, at 7.00pm.