Pope in audience

An appeal to be consistent and an invitation to practice the commandment of love, having Jesus as a model, which is presented as “servant”. This was the appeal conveyed by Pope Benedict XVI, before leading the recitation of the Angelus from St. Peter’s square. After the Angelus, he prayed for  the population of Thailand affected by severe floods, and for all those in Italy, Liguria and Tuscany, who suffered from heavy rains .
“In the liturgy this Sunday – the Pope recalled-, the Apostle Paul invites us to approach the Gospel ‘, not as the word of men, but as it really is, as the word of God ‘. In this way we can accept with faith, warnings that Jesus addressed to our consciousness, to assume a compliant behavior to them “. In the song, he continued, “He scolds the scribes and the Pharisees, who had a role in the community of masters, because their conduct was openly at odds with the teaching that proposed to the other with rigor.” Jesus states that they “say and do”; Indeed, “bind heavy burdens and difficult to carry and lay on the shoulders of the people, but they do not want to move even with a finger.” “Good teaching is accepted – the Pope explained-, but is likely to be contradicted by any conduct inconsistent”. To this Jesus says: “Practiced and watch everything you say, but not act according to their works.” “The attitude of Jesus – the Holy Father warned-is exactly the opposite: he was the first to practice the commandment of love, who teaches at all, and can say that it is a lightweight and smooth because it helps us to get together with him” .
“Thinking about the masters that oppress the freedom in the name of his authority – said Benedict XVI-, St. Bonaventure indicates who is the true Master, stating: ‘ no one can teach and even operate, nor reach the knowable truth without which there is the son of God. ‘” In fact, “Jesus sits on the ‘ chair ‘ as the Moses larger, extending the Covenant to all peoples”. Is he “our real and unique Master! We are therefore called to follow the son of God, the Incarnate Word, which expresses the truth of his teaching through fidelity to the will of the father, through the gift of himself. ” The Lord Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI underlined-was presented to the world as servant, stripping completely himself and demeaning to give up on the cross the most eloquent lesson of humility and of love. ” By his example is the proposal of life: “who among you is greater, will be your servant.” “We invoke the intercession of Mary most holy and pray in particular for those in the Christian community are called to the Ministry of education, so that they can always bear witness to the truth works which convey with the word”, said.
After the Angelus, the Pope expressed “closeness to the people of Thailand affected by severe floods, as well as in Italy, Liguria and Tuscany, recently damaged by the consequences of heavy rains. I assure my prayers for them. ” The Pope’s words were welcomed by a big round of applause. In greetings in various languages, in French, recalling the conclusion of the month of the Rosary, has invited me to “confidently to the Virgin Mary. At her school we learn to know Jesus “.