• We the Bishops have followed the diplomatic activity that was successfully carried out by the Government in order to find a solution for the 234 immigrants that were stranded on the ship Lifeline.

    We appreciate the decision of the Government to grant permission to this vessel to enter Malta. We do acknowledge that this was not an easy feat but it was necessary to ensure that every life on board is saved. In spite of our small size, once again our country performed a huge gesture. It is our hope that much larger countries follow our example.

    We are grateful for those who are contributing towards this human operation, in particular the members of the Armed Forces of Malta.

    ✠ Charles J. Scicluna                                                       ✠ Mario Grech
         Archbishop of Malta                                                       Bishop of Gozo

    ✠ Joseph Galea-Curmi
         Auxilary Bishop-elect of Malta