This week, the programme will be about the discovery  that every human needs to work hard to maintain any healthy relationship. We will see that we should not only come to God with our needs but truly seek His face to build a personal relationship with Him. This program’s theme will be expanded on by Dr. John, and by His Excellency the Archbishop of Malta as he answers questions put to him by Paul together with all the youths.

Apart from this, a short play will show very effectively the advantages of building a personal relationship with Jesus. Mykel Fenech’s experience will also serve to show how a trip to the Holy Land helped him to better understand how to seek Jesus’s face through prayer.

The programme is aired on Wednesdays, from the 6th of July, after the NET TV 7.45 p.m. news bulletin, with repetitions during the week.

Members of Marana Thà Community shall be replying to telephone calls on the numbers which shall appear during the programmes. Messages can also be sent on 79474447. One can also click on for more information.