• The website of the Commission of Bishops’ Conferences of the EU is still available in English, French and German, but the structure has been completely rethought and offers an experience which is both user-friendly and colourful.
    In order to make the European debate more accessible to users with an interest in the Church’s engagement with the European project and EU citizens in general, the new COMECE website is now organised by topics which are featured on the Homepage. The eight topics represent the major working areas of COMECE and are related to fields of EU competence (Migration, Health & Research, Ecology, Fundamental Rights, Intercultural Dialogue, Economics & Social, External Action & Religious Freedom).
    On each of the eight topics are gathered all related press releases, publications and Europeinfos articles, as well as RSS Feeds from the European Commission. Factsheets drafted by the members of the Secretariat are available in downloads on each topic. They compile the description of the EU competence, the Catholic Church’s vision and the contribution of COMECE to the working field in question.
    The new Website is in responsive design and can be viewed on Desktop, Smartphones and Tablets.