The Secretariat for Catholic Education is announcing new dates when the choice of a church school will be held, for the academic year starting in September 2020. The choice of school exercise will be held at a studio and will be transmitted live on the Archdiocese of Malta  website Since people cannot be present due to the coronavirus restrictions, a notary will be present to certify the entire process. The revised schedule for the choice of school is available on page two.

During the choice of school exercise, parents will be called one by one according to the choice of school ballot results which have already been published. It is obligatory that parents are available to answer their phones, in the same way that they were obliged to be present at the hall where the choice of school used to be held. Parents’ collaboration is essential for the smooth running of this process.

The Church Schools Admissions Office will first call on the mother’s mobile. If no one replies, the office will call on the father’s mobile and if there again no one replies, another call will be made on the landline of the child’s residance. If nobody replies to all the calls, the process will continue and the office will call the next person in line. If anyone returns the call to the admissions office, he/she will be able to choose a school from those which are left, but will not be able to cancel choices already made. The phone numbers that will be used are the ones indicated on the Church schools application form and those given by parents to the office when contacted.

Heads of Church schools are preparing presentations with the relevant information on the school for parents. This information will be available on the Church Schools page or may be sent by email or by post. At least two days before the choice of school, the number of places available in each school will be made public. Parents are encouraged to decide which school they will be sending their child before the choice of school date.

The video recording of the choice of school process and the list of applicants with their chosen school will be available on the Church schools page the following day.

For more information please email [email protected] or call 7999 0224 from Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 3:30pm. The lists of applicants who will be choosing a Church school are being published on the Archdiocese of Malta website. The choice of school exercise will be held circumstances permitting. More information and in case of any changes, parents will be informed through an announcement on the Church schools page at

Dates & Times Choice of School Year
Tuesday 12th May, 9:30am Form 1 Girls
Friday 15th May, 9:30am Form 1 Boys
Tuesday 19th May, 9:30am Year 1 Girls
Friday 22th May, 9:30am Year 1 Boys
Tuesday 26th May, 9:30am Kinder 2 Girls
Friday 29th May, 9:30am Kinder 2 Boys
Friday 29th May, 11:30am Kinder 1 Boys
Friday 29th May, 12:30am Kinder 1 Girls