During the annual general meeting of the Church Schools’ Association (CSA), which represents 55 Church schools in Malta and Gozo, the new members of the committee for the years 2021-2024 were selected.

Fr Jimmy Bartolo SJ has been confirmed as coordinator of the association. Stephen Cachia was chosen as deputy coordinator, Fr Jeremy Vella SDB as treasurer, Mariuccia Fenech as secretary, and Roberta Mifsud Bonnici as deputy secretary. Fr Clinton Farrugia MSSP, Fr Mark Ellul, Mario Mallia, and Elton Vella were chosen as members of the committee.

The Church Schools’ Association was founded in 2015 to establish a network of collaboration, shared expertise, and support among Church schools in the light of the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church, based on an open response to contemporary culture, and also to promote a student-centred pedagogy according to the charism of each religious order, lay association or diocesan association.

The association also offers opportunities for professional and spiritual formation to heads of Church schools while strengthening and facilitating dialogue with the Secretariat for Catholic Education, and ensuring that its members are represented at meetings with the Government, the Church, as well as other entities.

Church schools offer education to around 17,000 students, equivalent to 32% of all students in Malta and Gozo who attend the compulsory phase of their educational formation.