The Admission Regulations for Church Schools for the 2021‑2022 scholastic year have been published here. There will be a total of 1,582 available places for students. Due to COVID‑19 pandemic, all applications are being accepted online. Applications for the first criteria are to be submitted between the 27th November and 7th December 2020. Applications from “Other Applicants” can be submitted between the 29th January and 12th February 2021.

The Church schools admission process determines admission at first‑year and second‑year kindergarten, first‑year primary and first‑year secondary. This year,
St Monica School in Gżira will also be accepting students in Year 4. The list of required documents, application dates and other information is provided in the regulations which are available online.

Applications under the first criteria include children who are in Church homes, children of Church school employees, siblings of students at the same school, transfer from other schools of the same religious congregation, and students attending Church schools without continuity.

A number of places will also be allocated to children considered to be serious cases,  and for which specific regulations apply. Serious cases include students who have or will require the support of an LSE, social cases and children who are seeking asylum. Serious cases follow a parallel process to the other applications.

The number of vacant places for admission into Church schools for scholastic year 2021‑2022 is as follows:

Year Boys Vacant Places Girls Vacant Places Total Vacant Places
Kinder 17372145
Kinder 2115383498
Year 1 primary 356224580
Year 2 primary 02424
Form 1 secondary26570335
TOTAL 8097731,582


For the current scholastic year (2020‑2021), the Secretariat for Catholic Eduaction received 3,826 applications for 1,706 places available in different levels and schools. Once again, the demand for Church schools saw more than twice as many applications as places available. Due to the restrictions brought about by the COVID‑19 pandemic, ballots and school registrations were carried out online.