• A few months ago, Pope Francis stated that we cannot improve our political landscape by observing and judging from afar: it requires personal involvement, which should always be done in a spirit of charity and helpfulness. “Try to act personally instead of just looking and criticizing the work of others from the balcony,” the Pope said during a pastoral visit to Cesena in October 2017. The Pope continued: “The authentic face of politics and its reason for being is an invaluable service to the good of the whole community. And that is why the Church’s social doctrine regards it as a noble form of charity […] I invite you to consider the nobility of political action in the name and favour of the people.”

  • Inspired by this and similar messages, not least the latest Papal Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate, The Institute for Research on the Signs of the Times (DISCERN) will dedicate one of its annual lectures to this theme. British Labour Shadow Minister for Education, The Hon. Mike Kane, will be the guest speaker of the 2018 Gaudium et Spes Lecture. The Hon. Kane will address the question: “Is it possible to have political Christian action?” The lecture will be held on Friday, 20th April 2018, 7pm, at The Old Refectory at the Archbishop’s Curia in Floriana. The general public is invited to attend.

    Together with another eight Catholic Labour MPs, The Hon. Kane has launched a group entitled ‘Catholics for Labour’ stating that “we are not standing still or merely making observations on the world around us. Our hearts and minds are firmly focused on social justice and guided by the teaching of the Catholic faith we will work together to actively shape that world and prepare members for a life in public service […] In forming this new group, our core theme is participation and getting Catholics to participate in the public sphere”.