Yvonne Mallia, director of Fondazzjoni Sebħ addressing the press conference

During a press conference this week, Fondazzjoni Sebħ launched an aftercare service which will be offered to women and their children, victims of domestic violence who would have resided at ‘Il-Milja’ shelter as well as young people who would have resided in children’s homes. This service, which is an important bridge that prepares these persons to live completely independently, has long been felt.  

This project will consist of three apartments with up to a maximum of nine bedrooms which requires extensive refurbishment works. Along with the living-in apartments Fondazzjoni Sebħ is in the process of setting up an aftercare therapeutic centre and mentoring service. This centre will enable individuals living in the flats and others living in the community to receive the necessary assistance that they need to function fully and independently. 

The Foundation’s director Yvonne Mallia appealed for individuals and companies to support this project by donating money, materials, or services such as plumbing, electrical works, tiling and furniture. She also appealed to private companies to contribute through initiatives Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Architect Chris Briffa

The project will be entrusted to Kerry Hermitage, Family Services Senior Manager within the Foundation, and the designs of the apartments to architect Chris Briffa from Chris Briffa Architects. The Foundation’s director thanked all those who are supporting Fondazzjoni Sebħ to accomplish these projects. 

During the conference, Fondazzjoni Sebħ also launched a new website that will provide a more interactive experience and now also features a number of pages that keep the general public updated on events and news. Through the website one also has the opportunity to donate, pledge their birthday, apply for course placements, enrol as a volunteer, offer CSRs, apply for vacancies and also provide information about past and upcoming events.

Anyone wishing to support Fondazzjoni Sebħ can send an e-mail to [email protected] or by visiting www.sebh.mt. Donations of money, services and goods can be made via https://sebh.mt/donate/

Kerry Hermitage, Family Services Senior Manager within Fondazzjoni Sebħ