“Building the Europe of citizens”: today and tomorrow, Jerzy Buzek, president of the EU Parliament, and Per Westerberg, at the head of the Swedish Assembly, will be chairing a meeting of European and national MPs of the 27 member states, focussed on the Stockholm programme 2010-2014.

“Promoting the Europe of rights and values” will be the first item on the agenda, but other discussions will also be held on security and the protection of the citizens. Guest speakers will include Juan Fernando López Aguilar, president of the Civil Freedoms Commission of the European Parliament, Thomas Bodstrom, director of the Justice Commission of the Swedish Parliament, Beatrice Ask, Swedish Minister, and Jacques Barrot, deputy president of the EU Commission. On those days, Stockholm will host the third “Equality Summit”, organised by the EU Executive and the current presidency of the European Union.

“An event that takes inspiration from the Berlin 2007 and Paris 2008 meetings – the promoters explain – aimed to promote dialogue and the exchange of ideas and experiences about the protection of rights, equality and differences” in Europe.