On Sunday 15th November 2009, Archbishop Paul Cremona OP inaugurated the ŻĦN Cardijn Centre for Education and Recreation at St. Paul’s Bay. The centre managed by Żgħażagħ Ħaddiema Nsara (ŻĦN) and Youtheme will be at the service of young people contributing to their formation and recreative aims. Previously known as ZHN Holiday Centre, back in the 1960s it provided an affordable holiday away from home for young workers with minimum wage. For the past year it has gone through an extensive refurbishment and it is now welcoming young people. A feat achieved thanks to the support from the Church, together with several benefactors and ZHN members. Present for the event will also be Ms. Lisa Vaccarino (International Treasurer) and Fr. Josep Maria Bach (International Chaplain) from the International Coordination of Young Christian Worker in Rome.

Coinciding with the Cardijn opening, ŻĦN will launch The Way to Action; a week of formation aimed at empowering young people to take action and instill positive change. Starting off on Saturday 14th November 2009, the activities planned for this week are targeted to young people themselves and other professionals such as youth leaders, teachers, pastoral operators, etc. The Social Catholic Teachings and the Revision of Life will be presented as tools for young people to grow in their responsibility towards society and become active citizens. Special guest for the formation week is Fr. John Marsland, rector of Ushaw College in England with a long experience in the youth field also as the international chaplain with ICYCW.

Apart from formation meetings for leaders involved in the running of the ZHN movement the following activities are being organized and the general public invited.

The Way for a Good Christian seminar held in collaboration with Diocesan Youth Commission (KDZ) on Saturday 21st November at 9.00am, at Cardijn Centre. Speaker Fr. John Marsland.

In collaboration with Discern the Gaudium et Spes lecture titled Banking on Virtue? on Thursday 19th November 2009 at 7.00pm at Phoenicia hotel. Speaker Mr. Robert Keen

Faith Choices Vs Life Choices seminar held in collaboration with University Chaplaincy on Monday 23rd November at 10.00am. Speaker Fr. John Marsland.

Another initiative being launched is the ZHN poster campaign on the occasion of the year dedicated to priesthood. This will focus on awareness about Rev. Joseph Cardijn, his life and his work amongst young people as a priest. This campaign focuses on the founder of the Young Christian Workers and the person behind the See, Judge and Act method as a Cardinal, friend and priest. Bringing to the fore his passion for the cause of young workers and belief that young people can make a difference. ZHN is also offering teachers and pastoral operators the Impact Resource Pack for free. This provides resources for formation on the See, Judge and Act method.

In the near future, the Cardijn centre will host several young people who will attend formation weekends called GI (Get Involved). These weekends are aimed for young people who are in 4th and 5th Form in secondary schools and for youth groups up to 25 years of age. For more information contact ZHN on [email protected] or 79244418. You may also visit www.zhnmalta.org/cardijn.

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