The Archdiocese of Malta notes with regret the statement issued by GO earlier today, wherein reported donations collected through recent telethons were revised down by €1.4 million. The Administrative Secretary of the Archdiocese, Mr Michael Pace Ross, said that almost half this amount, equivalent to €654,000, will derail the original plans of Dar tal-Providenza and Caritas, impacting this year’s operations of these two charitable entities of the Church.

Mr Pace Ross expressed his disappointment during a meeting with GO’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nikhil Patil, and emphasised that this was not the level of service the Archdiocese expected from GO. While acknowledging the technical explanation given, Mr Pace Ross hoped that such an incident would not repeat itself, and that more rigorous testing is carried out on the donation systems. 

The Archdiocese took note of the apology made by GO, and welcomed the company’s commitment for seeking ways to support both Dar tal-Providenza and Caritas.