Earlier today, Archbishop Charles Scicluna visited the St Michael Hospice in Santa Venera which is nearing completion and is expected to receive its first patients towards the end of this year. The premises, previously known as Adelaide Cini Institute, cover approximately 15,000 square metres and were given to Hospice Malta by the Church in 2018. The aim is to transform it into the first complex in Malta to provide holistic, palliative care that respects the right to life and human dignity. St Michael Hospice will serve as Hospice’s main premises, offering in-patient services, day therapy and community services.

The Archbishop’s visit coincided with the preparations for Hospice Malta’s fundraising marathon, to be held on Sunday, 9th July 2023. Donations collected during the event will contribute to the completion of St Michael Hospice, as well as sustaining Hospice’s ongoing commitment to providing free services to thousands of patients suffering from cancer, motor-neuron diseases, and other terminal illnesses.

Archbishop Scicluna stated: “It is a privilege for me to have this opportunity to visit St Michael Hospice which is nearing completion. The Church in Malta wholeheartedly supports the values and mission of Hospice, in striving to offer services and dignity to individuals in need of palliative care. The Archdiocese of Malta has generously donated the land and building of the Cini Institute, valued today at €25 million, for the use of Hospice. Furthermore, the Archdiocese encourages everyone to support the worthy mission of Hospice.”

The rooms at St Michael Hospice are designed to ensure a calm and peaceful environment for patients while ensuring the provision of necessary medical care. The relatives will also be able to remain with their dear relatives, while enjoying the gardens and open spaces in the vicinity, contributing to a positive therapeutic environment. The Hospice’s education centre, situated on-site, will facilitate the exchange of knowledge with palliative care centres from various countries worldwide.

The cost of St Michael Hospice is estimated to be around €14 million and is co-financed by the Government, the European Union, the National Social and Development Fund, fundraising and other benefactors. Anyone interested in obtaining further information about St Michael Hospice or supporting Hospice Malta in its mission, may visit hospicemalta.org.