Missio Malta is organising its annual fund-raising marathon to collect funds for its missions, on Saturday 11th March. The marathon, which is themed ‘Together for Missio’, will be airing live from 11am to 11pm on the TVM website as well as ONE TV, NET TV, F Living TV, Smash TV and Xejk TV. 

“This is a crucial event for Missio Malta, as it provides a great part of the funds necessary, to continue with our projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America”, Robert Farrugia, Head of Communications and Fund Raising at Missio Malta said. 

“This marathon serves as a window for members of the public as well as our benefactors, onto the great success stories we experienced in the last months. Our appeal to the Maltese and Gozitan public is as vibrant as ever, with a view to continue making a difference with those who need our help most.” 

During the marathon, Missio Malta will continue to highlight stories from the different stations it assists around the world, such as Will’s story – a poor boy with a great vocation. 

Will is a 17-year-old boy who is attending the seminary school of Arusha in Tanzania. Thanks to Missio Malta, Will as well as his three other brothers do not pay any fees for their education. Will is receiving his education free of charge, since his father, a gardener lost his arm in an accident and is now incapable of working. Had it not been for Missio Malta, Will and many other students at this school would not be able to receive an education, or live a dignified life. 

Will’s dream is to become a priest, as he feels the vocation for religious life. He is motivated to be in a position to help others, as the religious people did when he and his family needed help. 

During the marathon on Saturday 11th March, Missio Malta will continue to collect funds to continue assisting thousands of children like Will, spread around the most far-flung places on Earth, to help them obtain an education, health services, food and shelter, and a dignified life. 

The generosity of the Maltese and Gozitan public will continue to make all the difference.