Patriarch Bartholomew I on 6th December met with a number of migrants from Ethiopia, Sudan, Ukraine, and Eritrea at the Archbishop’s Curia, Floriana. He also met with representatives of NGOs that work with migrants, such as the Migrants Commission, Fr Dijonisju Mintoff from the Peace Lab, and Dr Neil Falzon from the Aditus Foundation. The Bishops were also present for the meeting.

After listening to the migrants and the members of the NGOs, the Patriarch said, “You all have individual and different challenges but the common factor is that you are far from your homes. You’ve left your homes. You are distant and far. May your pain be less. May the new year, which is close by, bring joy and happiness to everyone. He sends his blessings and well wishes, not only to you but also to your families, wherever they may be.”

The Patriarch promised them his prayers and emphasised the importance of world peace.

“I pray for you, for all the migrants, for all the refugees, for all those who suffer because of the violence, the greed, the war, all those who are oppressed in the world. In peace, let us pray to the Lord. We need peace on the face of the world and we need less greed.” He added that this is not an issue of war, poverty or religion, but a matter of justice and truth.

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