• “Today we need the prophetic voice of solidarity: solidarity between different states and peoples; solidarity in the internal social policies of the state; and intergenerational solidarity, that is solidarity between generations.” This appeal was made by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna in the homily during Pontifical Mass on the national feast of Independence Day.

    The Archbishop explained that when we speak about the need for solidarity, we acknowledge that we are also committing ourselves to show solidarity to those who are in urgent need of aid; people who are fleeing a cruel environment, a violent contempt of the dignity of the human person, a harsh fate of slavery, even torture and death.

    On solidarity between generations, the Archbishop said that “every decision we take today will shape our quality of life but it will also shape, for better or for worse, the quality of life of future generations. Thus we are reminded of our duty and the opportunity to show solidarity with them too.”

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