Between the 7th and the 14th April 2010, the Maltese Augustinian Province celebrated the Ordinary Provincial Chapter in the Augustinian monastery in Rabat. During these days, the Augustinian friars have gathered for a period of evaluation of the work carried out during these last four years, as well as formulating a program of action for the next four years. The Chapter was presided by the Prior General of the Augustinian Order, the Most Rev. Fr. Robert F. Prevost OSA with the help of the Asst. General, Rev. Fr. Luciano de Michieli OSA.

Amongst all the topics which have been discussed was the contribution which the Augustinian religious have offered to the education sector in Malta and also how the Augustinians’ role in the education of children and teenagers can be better allocated within the current national reforms in the education system. It was in this Provincial Chapter that a decision on whether or not St. Augustine’s College would undergo an extension in primary education had to be taken. The process to attain a final decision was quite lengthy, and it was the Chapter’s work, insofar as it is the highest organ in the Province, to make the final decision. After thoroughly discussing the matter, it was decided that St. Augustine’s College would open a primary school so that it would be able to be faithful to its mission and continue offering a holistic education to the children based on human and Christian values.

Consequently, in the near future, plans for the construction of the primary school next to the existing college in Pietà, will be laid out and finalized.