The reform of the draft law on abortion, the economic crisis the Year for Priests – these are some of the subjects discussed by the Spanish Bishops’ Conference (CEE) in its Plenary Assembly which came to a close in Madrid today. In the final statement issued at the end of the meeting, the Assembly recalls its position on the draft law on the sexual and reproductive health and on the voluntary termination of pregnancy that is under debate at the Chamber of Deputies.

Reaffirming what was stated in the Permanent Commission’s Declaration (17 June), the Assembly points out that the draft law “worsens the current legislation” making it “even more unjust”.

No one considering the imperatives of a sound reasoning “can approve or vote in favour of this draft law”. Moreover, “Catholics should bear in mind that by supporting this law they commit an objective sin and cannot, therefore, be admitted to Holy Communion”. Catholics – recalls the CEE – stand for the right to life of innocent and vulnerable human beings who have the right to be borne; they stand for a sound sexual-affective education promoting true love; they stand for pregnant women who need to be effectively supported in their right to maternity; they stand for fair laws promoting the common good without mistaking injustice for right”.