SEJJAĦTLI –  on FAVOURITE TV – on Thursday  2nd June at 9.00pm with a repeat on Sunday at 4.00pm.

Theme: Journalism and Media

Presentor: Joyce Cassar with the participation of resident guest Fr. Rene Camilleri

Information: This week’s programme will focus on the responsibility of journalists and broadcasters to deliver the truth.  But is this the case?  Why is it that sometimes, the truth is deliberately and very obviously twisted?  Why is it that some people’s reputation is tarnished by this?  What values are these?  Whom are we to believe?

Sejjahtli includes features on the topic penned by Fr. Joe Inguanez

UĊUĦ live on NET TV on Wednesday 1st June at 9.35 pm

Theme: Media.

Presentor :  Marthese Brincat

Information: ĊAM Productions international is a production house within the Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSSP).  It’s aim is to spread the word of God and Catholic values.  Therefore, as the World day for communication is being celebrated, UĊUĦ will take a look at the mission statement of CAM Prodution international and the work it is carrying out.

What problems does it face, and what projects have been accomplished so far?  What else is being planned?

UĊUĦ will also feature the Oħloq Tbissima Marathon as preparations for this year’s marathon which will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th July  are already underway.

BIL-KELMA T-TAJBA on ONE TV on Thursday 2nd June at 5.00PM with a repeat on Sunday at 7.30am

Presentor :   Edward Wright

Gospel Reading: Ascension Sunday

Information: Edward Wright this week will visit another Chapel.   Fr. Marcello Ghirlando will explain the historic aspect of the Holy Gospel  for this week whereas the parish priest will give the explanation of the Holy Gospel, this week being of Ascension Sunday, explaining how this is still relevant today.

Għażliet live on Education 22 on Tuesday 31st May 2011 at 9pm with a repeat on Thursday at 11am, on Sunday at 4.30pm and on Monday at 12.30pm

Theme: Media and communication.

Presentor :   Christine Delicata

Information: On the occasion of the 45th World Day of Social Communications, which is celebrated on June 5th, the Pope issued a letter addressing all broadcasters, wherein he encouraged them to show Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age.  The pope’s reflections are motivated by a phenomenon characteristic of our age: the emergence of the internet as a network for communication.

Presentor Christine Delicata, together with her guests in the studio will take a look at the media and means of communication and ask whether these are being used for the benefit and formation of people.  How easy or difficult is it to abuse of these means of communication?  Is all the truth being said?

Għażliet is broadcast live and therefore televiewers may participate by phoning in during the programme of by sending a text message via sms.

This and more in this weeks programme Għażliet.  The topic is introduced by a story and discussed by the guests present in the studios.

Sejjaħtli, Uċuħ, Bil-Kelma t-Tajba and  Għażliet are produced by ĊAM Productions international under the direction of Fr. Louis Mallia mssp.

More information ma be found on which is a website full of interesting information including details of programmes produced by CAM Productions international as well as activities being organised by Ċentru Animazzjoni Missjunarja (CAM).