Traffic Accident

“The Catholic Church views mobility, in the first place and principally, as a positive development for humanity. In all its forms and aspects, mobility is a characteristic feature of both human life and cultural development which are, in their turn, inseparable from the development of adequate economies”, said Archbishop Agostino Marchetto representing the Holy See at the “First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety” which is being held in Moscow until tomorrow.

“Without the infrastructure underlying the current transports and transport systems – continued Mgr. Marchetto -, many people could neither find a suitable job nor benefit, among others, from basic services in the social, cultural and healthcare areas”. After pointing out that mobility “poses urgent challenges to individuals and institutions”, the speaker affirmed that “the Church has tried to meet these challenges by promoting a renewed awareness of the moral responsibilities connected with mobility, such as the observance of road rules, which is necessary to avoid incidents and tragedies”.