• At the beginning of a new scholastic year I wish to greet all students and wish them well.

    I greet you at the beginning of another year of learning, activities and experiences together. I augur that you show wisdom, intelligence and patience in your work, and that at the same time you share a sense of solidarity.

    Nurture the friendships between you so that they will grow stronger; ensure that the hours spent in class are moments of formation where you not only grow in wisdom and knowledge, but also in respect towards each other and towards your teachers.

    It is essential that you understand that those who take care of you do so not only as part of their job or their career, but more so because together with you they are trying to provide a service to our country; just as you are also providing a service to society by being responsible for your formation.

    Take care of each other. If someone is a victim of bullying, it is important that you stop to defend that person. Never be an accomplice in injustice! Always seek what is right so that your friendships will be blessed.

    I would like to put forward a suggestion to you: Do not forget the Lord, ask him for forgiveness when you need to, but also remember that he loves you and seeks you, and I invite you to seek him too.

    I heartily impart my pastoral blessing and wish you well.

     Charles J. Scicluna
        Archbishop of Malta