• A Polish-born priest was murdered in the Brazilian capital on Sept. 21, after he was attacked by robbers.

    Father Kazimierz Wojno was inspecting the construction of a catechetical center near his rectory in Brasília when four men jumped the wall and took him and a parish employee as hostages. His body was found a few hours later with his feet and hands still tied up and wire wrapped around his neck.

    The police deputy in charge of the case, Laercio Rossetto, told the local newspaper Correio Braziliense that the crime occurred between 6:40 and 9:40 pm, shortly after the 71-year-old priest celebrated the Saturday vigil Mass at Our Lady of Good Health parish. Several objects were stolen, and safe boxes were broken. The police are still working to catalogue all items that have been taken.

    The 39-year-old employee suffered only minor injuries. He was able to untie himself and ask for help after the burglars escaped the premises. The police took him to a nearby hospital and took down his statement.

    According to Father João Firmino, the coordinator of communications at the Archdiocese of Brasília, Wojno – known in Brazil as Casemiro – arrived in the country more than three decades ago with a team of missionaries who came from Poland. “He was ordained 46 years ago and spent almost 40 years in Brazil,” he told Crux.

    In Brasília for 25 years, Wojno was always involved with the activities of his parish and actively took part in the continuous building projects at the church.

    Source: Crux