• Pope Francis reached out to over a million young people gathered at Krakow’s Blonia Park on Thursday urging them to share God’s merciful love.
    He was speaking during awelcome ceremony for young people attending the 31st World Youth Day in a giant park near Krakow.

    Despite persistent rain at Blonia meadows, nothing could dampen the spirits of the over 1 million World Youth Day pilgrims who had gathered to be with Pope Francis.
    The Pope arrived to this welcome ceremony by tram which had been especially customised for the occasion in the Vatican colours of yellow and white.

    His final stop was at Blonia and as he entered these grounds the party really got started. Taking to the podium the Pope was welcomed by a group of young people in a number of languages.
    Then the Holy Father was treated to an evening which included traditional Polish dance, vibrant songs and the presentation of the images of a number of saints from the continents represented at this youth event
    Against the backdrop of Jesus, Divine Mercy and drawings of the patrons of this World Youth Day, St John Paul II and St Faustina Kowalska, Pope Francis told the youth of the world gathered that, “mercy has a youthful face” adding, “we are going to make this World Youth Day an authentic Jubilee celebration.”
    The Pope then told them that in his years as a bishop, he learned one thing.  “Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the enthusiasm, dedication, zeal and energy with which so many young people live their lives.”
    He also underlined that it pained him to meet young people who seemed to have “thrown in the towel”.
    To find fulfilment, to gain new strength, there is a way, Pope Francis said. “His name is Jesus Christ.”
    As this welcome ceremony drew to a close it seemed that the youth here where determined to take Pope Francis at his words from the night before, to do what young people do, to go out during these nights and make noise. 
    Source: News.va