• Although the Secretariat for Communication is one of the Vatican’s youngest departments, formed only two years ago, it has changed the media landscape of the Holy See. This is precisely what the pope entrusted to them. 
    Pope Francis said: “You are a new reality that is moving in irreversible steps. In your case, in fact, it is not a matter of coordinating or merging of dicasteries, but of building a true and proper institution from scratch.”
    The Secretariat for Communication has managed to unify and coordinate the works of Vatican Radio, Vatican Television Center and the newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. It also manages the Vatican press office. Their challenge is to find a way to coordinate and distribute news from these departments, without losing the freshness of each format.
    To achieve this, the Pope has asked them to act as a team, to not stick to a “glorious past,” and to respond to present day challenges.