St Stephen

“On St. Stephen’s Day, we are called to fix our gaze on the Son of God”, and like St. Stephen, deacon and first martyr of the Church “open up our lives to the light that directs us” on life’s path, said Benedict XVI in his Angelus reflections this Wednesday.

In Baptism and Confirmation, with the precious gift of faith nourished by the Sacraments of the Church, especially the Eucharist, Jesus Christ has bound us to Him and wants to continue in us, through the action of the Holy Spirit, his work of salvation that redeems, enhances, elevates and leads all to fulfilment. Allowing ourselves be drawn by Christ, like St. Stephen, means opening our lives to the light that calls, directs and makes us walk the path of good, the path of humanity according to God’s loving plan.
Finally, St. Stephen is a model for all those who want to serve the new evangelization.