• Listening is the keyword. This weekend, Pope Francis will hear the voices of young people from all over Italy in preparation for the Synod in October. 

    The Italian Episcopal Conference has convened a pilgrimage whose destination is none other than the Eternal City and an encounter with the pope. There, the Holy Father will listen to the testimonies of various youth. 

    Youth Ministry, Italian Episcopal Conference
    “Youth are the first sensors to indicate the state of the air we breathe. It’s true that we sometimes get not-so-great things from them, but these are things that are present in the environment and aren’t completely dependent upon them.”

    This time, the issues to be expressed before the pope will be chosen by the young people themselves. It will be an encounter organized for them, but where they are also the focus. 

    The meeting will take place in the Circus Maximus. More than 70,000 are expected to attend. In the evening, various Churches in Rome will remain open for confessions, prayer and to listen to other testimonies. 

    The following day, the entire group will be in St. Peter’s Square to celebrate Mass and greet the Holy Father before the Angelus prayed every Sunday. 

    Source: Rome Reports