• Pope Francis’s homily followed closely the homily proposed in the The Roman Pontifical for the Ordination of a Bishop. This text is a catechesis of the history and office of Bishop in the Catholic Church. It reminds us that:

    “In the Bishop surrounded by his Priests, our Lord Jesus Christ himself, having become High Priest for ever, is present among you. For, through the ministry of the Bishop, Christ himself never fails to proclaim the Gospel and to administer the sacraments of faith to those who believe.”

    Chosen for things pertaining to God

    Pope Francis departed from this text after it reminds those about to be ordained that they have “been chosen by the Lord…chosen from among men and appointed on their behalf for those things that pertain to God.” Pope Francis added that they have “not been chosen for other things; for other business; not for worldliness; not for politics.” And he asked them to “flee from the temptation of becoming princes.”

    Prayer is the first task of the Bishop

    The Pope said that the first task to be accomplished by a bishop is that of prayer. When the first Apostles heard the complaints of the Greek widows who were being neglected, “they joined together under the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and invented the diaconate.” Peter explained that thus the Apostles could occupy themselves with “prayer and the proclamation of the Word.” Pope Francis continued saying “A Bishop who does not pray does not accomplish his duty, does not fulfill his vocation.”

    Regarding those who collaborate in the ministry of the Bishop, the Holy Father asked that Bishops remain close to the diocesan presbyterate. “They should be able to find their Bishop the same day or, at the latest, the day after they look for him.”

  • Source: Vatican News