• “We knew the news would arrive,” said Fr Tarcisio Vieira, director general of the Sons of Divine Providence, “but just the same, it makes us deeply sad. We know, though, that death didn’t take his life from him; he himself wanted to give his life for love of Christ and of the poor. This message of his, and his testimony have taught something to all of us, and we’ll be sure these lessons won’t be lost. We thank the Lord for having given him to us as a witness of great faith and of love.”

    Thus Fr Vieira remembers Fr Michał Łos, who was ordained on May 24, by special dispensation, given his failing health. Fr Łos passed away June 17.

    The day before his ordination, he took his vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and a special closeness to the pope.

    Fr Łos’ testimony has moved all of Poland and the world.

    In fact, on June 7, Fr Michal’s birthday, he was visited by the president of Poland, who knelt before him and asked for his blessing.


  • Source: Aleteia