On Tuesday, 2nd March, 2010, further details were given about the Pope’s meeting with youths at the Valletta Waterfront to be held on Sunday 18th April. This activitity will include a concert by Malta’s top Christian bands, and a guest appearance by the popular band Winter Moods. This band was chosen by popular demand following consultation with youths. This concert will also include the participation of solo artists, dancers, musicians and a main choir. Youths will also have the opportunity to share their experiences with the Pope who will be present for an hour, after travelling by catamaran from Kalkara to the Valletta Waterfront quay where the meeting with youths will take place.

The main stage which will be set up for this event is being designed by a group of young professional architects lead by designer Carlo Schembri. An artistic impression can be seen in the picture above.

For more information on the Pope’s Visit to Malta visit: www.popemalta.org

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