• On the occasion of the feast of St Julian, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna mentioned some important points that affect people in a direct way. 

    Speaking about the environment, the Archbishop questioned how we are caring of our seas, our countryside and the urban patrimony of our nation that is being destroyed for financial greed. He appealed to the authorities to decide upon the issues that affect the Maltese citizens today, rather than looking back nostalgically at the past.

    In his reflection, the Archbishop stated that St Julian, a victim of gossip, ended up murdering his own parents. He advised all Maltese people to exercise care in the use of mediums of social communications, blogs or the internet, which are not to be used to incite hatred or gossip about others. “Whoever is doing this, is accountable to God,” said the Archbishop. Mercy and eternal life can be recieved when one is charitable in his words and deeds, and regrets his sinful behaviour.. Click here to read what the Archbishop said.