Life Network Foundation announces new Residential Home Units for mothers and toddlers, providing further support for women in need.

This new initiative provides ongoing support for mothers and their toddlers after moving out of the maternity home, Dar Tgħanniqa Ta’ Omm, where pregnant women and newborn babies live with 24-hour support and attention for up to one year.

The Residential Home Units will provide a secure home environment allowing the women to work or pursue further education. Life Network believes this will help mothers transition back into independent living and managing of their own income.

This new project has been made possible through the generosity of the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja, a charity founded by Marquis Vincenzo Bugeja to support women and girls. There will be 6 Home Units at the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja in Santa Venera, and Life Network Foundation is in the process of renovating a further 7 units in other parts of Malta.

On Women’s Day 2024, Life Network Foundation celebrates building on the success of the pregnancy help line supporting 120 women through to birth, Id f’Id Centre for baby related provisions, and the maternity residential home Dar Tgħanniqa Ta’ Omm, where 42 women have lived with their new-born babies in the months after giving birth. These new units, and the support provided by Life Network, will allow mothers to pursue their work or studies for up to three years, fostering independence on their chosen life path, with a secure and safe residence.


Christie Gellel for Dar Tgħanniqa Ta’ Omm: “it is great to be able to support the mummies who come through our home, not just in their time of greatest need, but also to help them transition into living independently with their children, we are so proud of them all.”

Dr Miriam Sciberras, CEO of Life Network Foundation: “On Women’s Day, we celebrate every woman, especially those who have overcome great vulnerability and suffering, to become great mothers to the children. It has been a privilege to support all of them, and with this new project we will be able to continue supporting them as they become independent, building their lives with the children.”