On Tuesday 21st May, a meeting will be held in English for the Laity on Reconciliation and Hope. The discussion will be led by Prof. Johan de Tavernier at the Archbishop’s Seminary, Tal-Virtù, Rabat at 7pm.

Those who would like to attend can apply on https://parrocci.knisja.mt/lajci/.

About Prof. Johan de Tavernier

Prof. Johan de Tavernier is from Belgium and was born in 1957. He is professor emeritus of Ethical Theology and Director of Ethics@Arenberg at the University of Louvain in Belgium. At the same University he taught several courses on ethics, environmental ethics and bioethics, as well as on the human being, mostly to theology students. He also gave introductory courses in Christianity and ethics to engineering and bio-engineering students.

His research and study focuses on fundamental moral theology; what is particular in Christian ethics, environmental ethics, developmental biology and ethics and the use of the Bible in ethics. He also specializes in three particular sections of ethics: food ethics, engineering ethics and animal ethics.

Because he is an expert in ethics, he is also in several professional ethics commissions.
Prof. de Tavernier wrote and published many books of an ethical nature, the most recent one being about Laudato Si’. He is currently preparing a book on Christian ethics.