• Christians Together in Malta (Malta Ecumenical Council) is inviting believers from all Church traditions to join in worship and sing wholeheartedly some of the classic English language hymns in Maltese on Friday 14th June 2018 at 6.30pm at St Aloysius’ Hall, Birkirkara.

    The purpose of this event is to encourage lively congregational singing in Maltese to rise beyond the cultural appreciation to a raising of hearts, minds and voices to God. The date falls between the two Pentecost, that celebrated by Christians in the West and that by the Orthodox East. The immediate effect of the first Pentecost in Jerusalem was an unabashed manifestation of praise at what God had done in raising Jesus from the dead. Filled with the identical Spirit, we need to open up the lid and praise God for what he has done and is still doing. Great things happen when God mixes with us. Or rather, when we allow him.

    Twelve classic hymns have been chosen and translated into Maltese by Joe C. Aquilina. During the evening, the choir will sing within the congregation as part of the congregation. This is not a concert. 

    This experience is part of a vision to revive the praise of God in Malta and Gozo. Catholics can learn from their Protestant brothers and sisters the joy of singing songs that speak of the great salvation that is available to all who trust in Jesus. Rev. Kim Hurst and Mr Philip Leone Ganado will share a few thoughts during the event.

    As Christians in Malta and Gozo, we are being called to strive for unity. We can do this with simple and concrete gestures. Despite past differences, divisions and suspicions, we can nonetheless do several things together, as sisters and brothers in Christ. With no hint of doubt, we can raise our voices and sing together. Even if we are not professionals, we can still give it a try.

    Everyone is invited. Entrance is free.